Scrap Metal Prices June 2016

Late May & early June has seen steel scrap give up the welcome gains of the previous two months. An uncertain and slightly panicky market prevails.

A Bank holiday week, the immediate run up to the Brexit vote and Euro 2016 about to kick off all point to a quiet June in business terms.  

Non ferrous grades remain pretty unchanged.  Copper, lead, zinc and aluminium have moved up and down almost weekly; but remaining in a fairly narrow price band.  Currency has been volatile also playing its part in price movement.

Scrap Metal Prices April 2016

April sees non ferrous scrap metal prices cool a little from the years highs of March.  The minor retreat still leaves levels above late 2015 & early 2016.

TATA and Port Talbot lead a wave of gloomy steel based headlines of plant closures and job losses. This weeks sale of the Scunthorpe plant gives hope and potential buyers of other sites line up to meet the government - does UK plc have a future in steel manufacture?

A visit from the beeb

A weekend visit from the BBC!

With metal theft falling over 80% since 2012 West Midlands Police asked if they could film from our yard as an example of best practice in the industry!

We couldn't refuse & if you missed it.............

Here's the link; its also on our home page.

Scrap Metal Prices March

Good news??  Can it be?

Are scrap prices for recycled metals actually going up?

Well yes - however minor the increase, however temporary movement is upward.

There is still a lot of negative news around; around commodities, banks, America, China, Oil - but I am reading this news is not as negative as feared.  The markets are viewing this as a positive. Add to this the mines finally announcing cutbacks and a weakening pound we have lift off.

Hazardous Waste Registration numbers to cease

Hazardous waste registration numbers are due to cease April 2016.

As part of the ongoing government drive to reduce "redtape" these numbers will no longer be required by producers of over 500kgs of hazardous waste per year.

The registrations used to cost £18 per year and consisted of 6 digits that went onto waste consignment notes and waste companies quarterley returns.

Here at Mason Metals the main beneficiaries will be our suppliers of lead acid batteries and refridgeration units.

Scrap Metal Prices February 2016

Positive news on the non ferrous front at last with copper and lead showing improvements on early & mid January levels.  These slight increases along with a lift in aluminium provide some small comfort to the industry.

Steel has remained unchanged but rumours of a decrease persist largely due to TATAs Port Talbot plant announcing no scrap purchases in the first quarter of the year.  Perhaps the acute shortage of scrap can be a positive influence on keeping the price level for another month.

Scrap Metal Prices January 2016

January's remaining festive sheen has quickly been erased by further worries over the Chinese economy.  

Stock & commodity markets reacted with volativity across the globe with daily falls and corrections.  The end of the month sees Chinese New Year holidays which are normally tricky for the markets to negotiate.

Overall scrap prices remain similar to those at the end of December.  Most opinions felt steel would remain unchanged in January but news about TATA Port Talbot plants continuing issues may see this confidence wane.

See you in 2016!

We would just like to wish all our customer's and friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!

Have a great time from everyone at Mason Metals Ltd!!!

Scrap Metal Prices December 2015

Here we are final blog of 2015.  What a year for the scrap metal industry; going down in history for all the wrong reasons.

This autumn has seen stats confirmed - copper lowest since 2009, nickel lowest since 2003, lead 2010, steel scrap more than halved and I could go on as all industrial metals have been affected.

Chinese turmoil, scandal and the lowest production output since 2008 have driven down confidence and markets all year.  

Scrap Metal Prices November 2015

How many months can I find different ways to say the same thing?

It appears steel may have held its own this month but all non ferrous scrap metal grades are weakening due to traditional seasonal lack of demand and stock market losses.  This on top of this years trend of - lack of demand and dramatic stock market losses!

With only a few weeks of industrial activity left in the year markets appear to have been cut adrift and are slowly trailing off.