Scrap Metal Prices October 2015

How did Patrick Swayze's song go in Ghost -

"next verse same as the first.............." or something similar. And on and on we go.

Metal markets struggle goes on - non ferrous grades appear to have found a level albeit as in coppers case at near 6 and a half year lows.

Last month saw steel makers seek government intervention and then the closure of SSI steel works in Teeside.

We expect further reductions in steel scrap early October and no one knows if that will be the end of it.

Scrap Metal Prices September 2015

Thank goodness August 2015 is over.  

Commodities; metals, oil & shares crashed dramatically in a month filled with newspaper and TV headlines about Chinese growth or the lack of.

Metal wise we saw a 6 year low for copper, aluminium & nickel.  The Chinese economic data saw their and the global stock markets plunge.  Towards the end of the month we saw a bit of stability but doubts remain after the governments numerous rescue strategies failed to stop the slide.

The flood of Chinese steel exports also continue adding pain to the production and scrap markets.

Scrap Metal Prices August 2015

Happy Summer Holidays!

That's the good news.  Outlook for industrial metal continues to get increasingly gloomy.

Our lesson for 2015 is don't hang on to metal or scrap metal unless you are in for the long haul.

Prices themselves are again worse than the previous month.

Poor data continues to be reported -

China's slowest growth rate since 2009.  

90% of copper mines still profitable leading to the prospect of further falls.

Scrap Metal Price July 2015

Oh dear the current outlook for industrial metals does not look good.

London metal exchange listed metals have just posted the longest run of quarterly losses since 2001.  Poor global demand and issues in Greece top a long list of reasons all contributing to the continued slump.  These market issues obviously directly effect scrap metal prices.  And the bad news - its across all of them.  Tin is at a 5 year low, a glut of zinc from record Chinese output, steel prices at a 12 year low in China and I could go on..............

Scrap Metal Prices

What a difference a month makes.

All listed metals lower than this time last month (our last blog) and gloomy summer outlooks abound.

Copper falls blamed on Chinese slowdown, aluminium down and sentiment very poor as Chinese exports are overwhelming demand.  Lead, zinc and nickel have all followed suit.  

Steel markets are also forecast to soften in June.  The summer lull seems to come earlier each year and the shortage of scrap metal won't lead to an increase price levels.

Scrap Metal Prices

At last some positive vibes in the scrap metal markets.  After finding "the bottom" in March prices - particularly steel have begun to recover (for how long with summer now around the corner remains to be seen).

Non ferrous prices across the board have also lifted (since our last blog) - copper, stainless, lead, zinc and aluminium all benefited.  However they remain volatile with recent swings moving them all over £100 plus and minus overnight!

Easter Holiday 2015

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Scrap Metal Prices March 2015

Scrap metal prices - in particular steel; have hopefully "found the bottom" as prices are expected to at least roll over into April.

Non ferrous metals such as copper, lead, nickel and aluminium have all seen peaks and troughs this month.  Copper and lead settling a little higher overall.

The scrap metal industry as a whole is quiet with volumes tight - worsened in recent months by dramatic price falls.

As ever at Mason's we continue to recycle come what may so please call 01384 79841 for all enquiries.

Scrap Metal Prices

February finds scrap metal prices further depressed.  Levels on most non ferrous metals including copper, lead, aluminium and stainless are trading 10 - 15% down and the entire steel market falling rapidly. 

No immediate up turn is seen although it is hoped Chinese New Year holidays ending later on in February may stimulate something.

Please call to check prices if you haven't visited in 2015.

Scrap Metal Prices

January sees a very uncertain scrap metal market.  International stock market termoil, falling oil prices, general global unrest etc etc contribute to an overall lack of demand and falling prices.

Copper bears the brunt but nickel alloys and aluminium are also drifting and steel forecast again is troubled.

Prices across the board lower than end of 2014 - this would appear to be the trend throughout February as Chinese New Year will see a further lack of trading activity.

As ever we continue to buy as keenly as possible - pay immediately and serve diligently.