Copper Recycling: A Modern Twist on History

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In the second of our series of blogs that lift the lid on the mysterious processes that go on behind the scenes, we take a look at how one of history’s greatest assets is treated today…

Copper has proven to be one of the most popular and most commonly-recycled metals, not only in recent years but as long ago as the Middle Ages.

Scrap Metal Price Update 4/10/13

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Prices remain flat at similar levels to September.  Whilst metal supply is also slower than to be expected at the time of year.  Prices for most grades are (yes I'm saying it again.........) historically very high; but are at probably the lowest point in 2013.

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Aluminium recycling: Reincarnation in action

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In the first of a new series of blogs that lift the lid on the mysterious processes that go on behind the scenes, we take a look at how one of the world's most essential and versatile metals is recycled...

More than three quarters of all of the aluminium ever produced throughout history is still in use today, which must make aluminium the king of metal reincarnation.

Scrap metal price update 10/9/13

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We hit September as always full of optimism; ready to enjoy the last industrial quarter of the year and................... the markets slump.

Scrap Metal Price Update 23/8/13

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Scrap metal prices continue to hold at the slightly improved levels of last week.

The bank holiday next week has seen some busy days but still material is thin on the ground.  Steel prices have increased and many remain positive about what September holds for the ferrous market.

Lead has remained particularly strong so call us now for great lead and battery prices!

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Scrap metal changes receive full page coverage in international industry magazine

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Great to see our MD quoted in the August edition of International Metal Tube magazine.  More trade press concerning the future of scrap metal recycling in England. 

See the full page story on page 6 of the magazine pdf enclosed.  Nice photo of the yard and the St Georges flag flying high in the background.

Scrap Metal Price Update 16/8/13

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This week has seen a mini spike in scrap metal prices taking everyone a little by surprise.

Whilst most of Europe is on shutdown and Asia disinterested the markets have all lifted a little with price increases across the board on non ferrous and steel.

If sustained the prices could filter down to door trade level but over recent weeks the rally's have been over before any sales can be put together.

Scrap Metal Price Update 2/8/13

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Bit of an odd week this week - the general lethargy in the copper market was replaced by a 4.5% swing firstly downward and then today (Friday) back upward.  The changes were too short lived to have any impact on prices or flow of material.

Aluminium and lead responded to coppers mini recovery and so markets sit slightly higher than last week.

However holiday feeling remains so the outlook continues to be quiet!

Scrap Metal Price Update 26/7/13

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As West Midland summer shutdown begins copper too is off on its hols.  Prices slipped back a further £100/tn Friday.  Aluminium and lead also slipped off to join stainless steel in the drift.

Steel remains steady and most are predicting no further changes for August.