Scrap Metal Prices December 2015

Here we are final blog of 2015.  What a year for the scrap metal industry; going down in history for all the wrong reasons.

This autumn has seen stats confirmed - copper lowest since 2009, nickel lowest since 2003, lead 2010, steel scrap more than halved and I could go on as all industrial metals have been affected.

Chinese turmoil, scandal and the lowest production output since 2008 have driven down confidence and markets all year.  

The good news?  Markets were lower than this in the early 2000s; if your memory is long enough prices have been (at times) much lower.  So perhaps especially at this time of year we should be greatful for what we have.

A new phrase has been heard at two major recycling conferences recently - "a new normal" in terms of commodity prices.  Once we are all adjusted perhaps normal could be interpreted as stable?  Stability helps build confidence - and after a year of constantly collapsing prices we could all do with a little confidence.

It may be a long road back; we may never reach those heady heights again but perhaps business can be a bit less stressful next year - more successful??  Or am I already drunk on Bathams Christmas Ale (

Which brings me to summarise - steel for the moment looks like it will not fall for December (yay!).  The decline in non ferrous markets seems to have been arrested (yay!!) but seasonal price weakening will take effect (booo).

Bathams will be arriving next week to provide festive cheer for our loyal suppliers!!! (double yay!!!).

So get any deliveries in asap to keep Baron Hardup (booo) from the door!

Finally we wish you all a Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you in 2016 (yay)!!!